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   Here in southern Indiana, summer is getting an early start. If it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep your house cool, improper roof ventilation may be the culprit. Whether your roof is 3 or 30 years old, installing adequate ventilation to regulate the temperature in your attic can help you save thousands of dollars. Here’s how:

   1. Cheaper Utility Bill

   As the temperature outside rises, so does the temperature in your attic. In fact, in an attic with little to no ventilation, the temperatures can reach up to 150 degrees or higher! Imagine how much this is heating the rest of the home beneath. This extra heat stresses the air conditioners and your wallet.

   When roof vents are installed correctly, the fresh air is allowed to flow through the intake vents near bottom of the roof, forcing the hot air out of the exhaust vents near the top. This cools your attic and allows the rest of the house to cool easier as well. Each year, you would save hundreds of dollars just by having the correct ventilation.

   2. Less Maintenance = Less Cost

   There is a common misconception that correct roof ventilation is only relevant for the summer. This is incorrect. Having the appropriate ventilation during the winter will lower the roof maintenance cost significantly. We received dozens of calls this past winter regarding leaks after a heavy snow. The reason: ice damming. During the winter, warm air is trapped in the attic space. This warm air reaches the decking where it melts the snow sitting on the roof. This causes water to slowly drain down to the edge of the roof where it freezes, building an ice dam.

   As more and more snow melts, it begins accumulating on the edge of the roof. We even saw a case where the water had backed up over two feet from the roof’s edge! If that house would’ve had the proper ventilation, the warm air would have escaped, and no ice dam would have formed, saving the customer quite a bit of money.

   3. Roof Lasts Longer

   All roof experts agree that improper ventilation leads to the premature aging of roof systems. Perhaps you have seen a roof where the shingles are curled on the corners, this is evidence of an attic that has routinely overheated. The hot air is literally baking the shingles, causing them to age substantially quicker.

   Replacing an entire roof can cost thousands of dollars, so it is best to try and prolong the life of the roof for as long as possible. The top way to prolong your roof’s life is - you guessed it - proper ventilation.

   Bonus: But Wait, There’s More

   These are just a few ways that proper ventilation can help you save thousands of dollars. There are many other potentially expensive issues that can be avoided with the appropriate ventilation: mold, peeling paint, rotting decks, ceiling stains, etc. Most American homes are ventilated incorrectly, so it is very important that you have someone come and give you a full assessment of your ventilation system (or lack thereof).

   We, at Embry’s Roofing, are ventilation experts. Being in business for over 42 years has given us the experience needed to understand how paramount the ventilation system is to your roof. Allow us to save you money by setting up a roof inspection today!

-Joshua Embry

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