Modified Bitumen Roof System

Modified bitumen is a more modern and high-performing version of built-up roofing. As another popular flat roofing material, it combines hot asphalt, rubber, and plastic in between layers of fiberglass. The result is an affordable yet durable material that typically lasts around 20 years with proper maintenance and upkeep.

  • Multi-Layered System: Modified bitumen roofs consist of multiple layers of bitumen, reinforcing fabrics, and weather-resistant surfacing materials.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: The addition of modifiers to the bitumen allows for increased flexibility and adaptability to temperature fluctuations.
  • Weather Resistance: Modified bitumen roofs provide excellent resistance against UV radiation, extreme temperatures, and heavy rainfall.
  • Easy Installation: Modified bitumen roofs are easy to install, reducing labor costs and installation time.
  • Cost-Effective: Modified bitumen roofs offer a cost-effective solution for both new construction and roof replacement projects.
  • Durability: Modified bitumen roofs offer exceptional durability, withstanding harsh weather conditions and providing long-lasting protection.
  • Flexibility: The flexibility of modified bitumen allows for expansion and contraction, reducing the risk of cracks and leaks.
  • Energy Efficiency: Reflective surfacing options for modified bitumen roofs reduce heat absorption, resulting in lower cooling costs.
  • Easy Repairs: Damaged sections of modified bitumen roofs can be easily repaired or replaced, extending the roof’s lifespan.
  • Versatile Application: Modified bitumen roofs are suitable for a wide range of building types, including commercial, residential, and industrial structures.

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