installation of white pvc commercial flat roof

PVC Roof System

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride roofing, is a white membrane that is perfect for reflecting heat away from buildings. Many factories, industrial buildings, and even housing structures find great benefit in a PVC roof for day-to-day comfort and energy savings.

  • Durable and flexible thermoplastic material with welded seams.
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals, UV radiation, and weathering.
  • Fire-resistant and self-extinguishing, enhancing safety.
  • Highly reflective surface reduces heat absorption, leading to energy savings.
  • High puncture resistance, ensuring protection against leaks and damage.
  • Long lifespan and exceptional durability, providing lasting protection for your property.
  • Enhanced energy efficiency, reducing cooling costs and environmental impact.
  • Fire-resistant properties, increasing safety and compliance with building codes.
  • Low maintenance requirements, minimizing long-term expenses.
  • Versatile installation options, suitable for a wide range of applications.

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