white tpo roof system on a commercial roof

TPO Roof System

Many commercial buildings with flat roofs utilize thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roofing— a type of single-ply membrane. The three layers of reinforcement help TPO roofs last as long as 30 years.

  • Thermoplastic material with superior heat-welded seams, enhancing durability.
  • Reflective surface minimizes heat absorption, reducing cooling costs.
  • Resistant to punctures, tears, and chemical exposure.
  • Easy to install, making it cost-effective and time-efficient.
  • Offers excellent resistance against UV radiation, weathering, and microbial growth.
  • Enhanced energy efficiency, reducing HVAC expenses and environmental impact.
  • Exceptional durability and resistance to environmental stressors, increasing lifespan.
  • Low maintenance requirements, reducing long-term upkeep expenses.
  • Versatile application options, suitable for both new construction and roof replacement projects.
  • Superior weather resistance, ensuring reliable protection against leaks and water damage.

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