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You don’t need to take our word for it when we say that flat roofs are popular. Do you know what the value of the flat roofing market was in 2021? It was $30.9 billion

So yeah, roofers have built and repaired a ton of flat roofs.

But why is this the case? Well, there are plenty of benefits that commercial buildings can gain from having flat roofs. Today, we’re taking a look at the top 4 advantages of flat roofs.

Read on to learn about some of the benefits of a flat roof. And when the time comes, reach out to your locally trusted roofers!

What Is a Flat Roof? 

If you’ve seen enough commercial buildings, you’ve seen at least one commercial flat roofing system. These roofs are a popular choice for the commercial building crowd. From the ground, it may seem like the building doesn’t have a roof at all. 

But trust us: it’s there. 

Not Flat 

The term “flat roof” is kind of a misnomer. You can’t have a roof that’s completely flat on your building. The water would just pile up on top of it and cause the roof to collapse. 

All flat roofs sit at angles. They’re shallow angles, but they’re angles nonetheless. 

Flat Roof Options 

hot air welded pvc flat roof on commercial building

Can you look at a flat roof from above? If so, you should see one of the many coverage options that roofers put above the roof structure.


Many owners prefer to cover their roofs with membranes. Examples include ones made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), or thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO). Don’t worry about these fancy words; they’re all just forms of rubber. 

Spray Foam 

Spray foam has similar traits to membranes. The results look similar (color notwithstanding) and both spray foam and membrane roofing systems are watertight. 

The main difference is how roofers apply it. They spray the material onto the surface and into any cracks. The foam then hardens into a tough surface. 


Metal is the most expensive flat roofing system choice. But with that price comes a ton of quality. Metal roofs can last for decades and look gorgeous on top of commercial buildings. 

4 Benefits of a Flat Roofing System 

Keep in mind that not all flat roofs have the benefits listed below. If you hire bad roofers, you’re going to get a bad roof. Such roofers likely won’t have insurance or offer warranties, so you’ll get stuck with that bad roof. 

You need to get your flat roofing system installed by licensed, professional roofers. These roofers can guarantee you’ll get a high-quality, highly beneficial roof. If you don’t get this, they’ll refund you via warranty. 

1. Cheaper to Install

Commercial building owners love flat roofs because of the cost. Most flat roofs cost less than angled roofs. A metal flat roof may be the only exception. 

Why It’s Cheaper 

Why are flat roofs cheaper than angled roofs? It has to do with how much material roofers need to use.

The structure of an angled roof is more complex than that of a flat roof. Roofers need a lot more wood or metal to make the beams that support those angles. 

No Quality Loss 

Yes, cheaper isn’t always better. But this isn’t the case for flat roofs. Get a decent-quality installation and you’ll get a roof that protects your business well.

This level of protection can easily match angled roofs with similar roofing materials. For the membrane and spray foam roofs, you’ll get a good few decades of use. 

2. Faster to Install 

flat roof of commercial building with fall trees in the background

Do you know what’s the worst part about installing a new roof on your business? It’s the fact that you usually need to halt your business procedures during your installation. While your workers aren’t working, you won’t make any profits. 

You can try to continue your business as usual. But then workers or customers will complain about the roofers’ noise. Some of them might get hit by falling debris or inhale the dust produced by the project. 

Flat Roofs Are Faster 

Again, flat roofs are less complex than angled roofs. So roofers can finish installing flat roofs faster than angled roofs. If you have a smaller building, you can all be back in business within a week.

3. Easy to Clean 

When you decide to clean your flat roof, you’ll find the task incredibly easy. All you have to do is walk around, pick up debris, and mop up any water. You can take care of this in less than a half-an-hour. 

An angled roof is much harder to clean. It’s easier to slip and fall on those angles. If you don’t get on your roof, you’ll need a special tool to reach everything. 

Don’t Clean Often 

Keep in mind that it is not a good idea to walk on your flat roof often. If you do this, you can damage your roof. But going up there every once in a while to clean is okay. 

4. Easy to Repair 

flat roof repair on commercial building

Your roofers will love you for putting a flat roof on top of your building. Repairing and maintaining a flat roof is far easier than doing the same with an angled roof. Not only is it easy for them to walk on a flat roof, but any damage is easy to spot and repair. 


Membranes aren’t as complicated texture-wise as shingles, tiles, and other types of roofing. The same goes for spray foam coverings. Roofers can spot holes in the membrane surface quickly. 


Roofers don’t need to remove and replace shingles to get at a hole. As long as there’s no damage underneath, they can just add more membrane or spray foam to the hole’s area. 

Commercial Flat Roofing Services in Indiana 

So yeah, flat roofing is amazing! Are you just about to get a roof replacement for your commercial building? If so, we highly recommend getting a flat roof. 

If you’re in Indiana, consider trying out our commercial flat roofing services. Here at Embry’s Roofing, we offer competitive pricing, industry-leading installations, and more. Get a free roof inspection by filling out the form on this page.


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